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Vinoforum 2024 - Circo massimo 17 -23 giugno

Discover the Vinòforum World

Every year Vinòforum records a proportional growth not only in passionate visitors, but above all in terms of interest from operators, sector experts and stakeholders.
Dinners with great chefs, guided tastings, Challenge & Blind Tasting for operators, Master Classes and Top tastings.


The Night DinnerGreat Chefs and Great Wines

Vinòforum dedicates a stage to haute cuisine which goes perfectly with spirits and great wines. A calendar of meetings signed by great partners in a unique tasting journey.


Open kitchensCatering is the protagonist

The world of food&beverage meets at Vinòforum to create and strengthen business-oriented ties in one of the most important commercial hubs in Italy: Rome.


Business Lounge and Public RelationsEnter the Sunsquare Arena

An area reserved for Italian and international wine companies and groups who want to take part in the event through the organization of events reserved exclusively for a trade public.


Exhibiting CompaniesThe Great Wine Territories

3,200 labels for tasting. From Valle d'Aosta to Sardinia, with some international excellence. At Vinòforum the wine and gastronomic companies present themselves to the public of operators and great enthusiasts.


TrainingGreat tastings. Only one stage

A space dedicated to companies that want to focus on their products through guided tastings and events aimed at the trade. Vinòforum, in collaboration with AIS Lazio, hosts a calendar of guided tastings and unique stories that pay homage to the excellence of world oenology through the voices of its protagonists: producers, oenologists and well-known tasters.

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Food & Co.Large companies in the sector

Dedicated to companies that want to promote their products to an audience of highly profiled industry professionals and consumers. Vinoforum acts as a spokesperson for Made in Italy.




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