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Pizza Dinner Gala

Pizza Dinner Gala - Dinners with Great Master Pizza Chefs signature by Molino Casillo

Vinòforum e Casillo mill they sign an exclusive calendar of dinners with great pizza masters from Rome and all over Italy.

The Italian pizza elite will put on a show on an exceptional stage: the Circus Maximus.

30 seats ready to welcome those who don't want to give up anything and are always ready for taste experiences.

Each dinner will consist of three courses.
The purchase of a Pizza d'Autore ticket also includes entry to the event (with a booklet of 10 wine tastings).

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Pier Daniele Seu a Vinòforum 2024

PIER DANIELE SEUYour Pizza Illuminati - RomeJune 18th at 9pm

Raffaele Bonetta & Ciro Pecoraro a Vinòforum 2024

RAFFAELE BONETTA & CIRO PECORARORaffaele Bonetta - Naples | Giagiù - SalernoJune 19th at 9pm

Ivan Signoretti & Max Bertoia a Vinòforum 2024

IVAN SIGNORETTI & MAX BERTOIAThe Courtyard in the Center - Rimini | Spree - CasoriaJune 20th at 9pm

Alex Lo Stocco a Vinòforum 2024

ALEX THE STOCKJune 21st at 9pm

Pasquale Moro

PASQUALE MOROJune 22nd at 9pm

Tiziana Cappiello & Irina Steccanella a Vinòforum 2024

TIZIANA CAPPIELLO & IRINA STECCANELLAIl Balcone Pizzeria - Minervino Murge | Trattoria Pizzeria - Irina SavignoJune 23rd at 9pm

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